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The fascinating world of crystallography

Papercut animated short// With Johanna
Johanna reflects on the structure of a snowflake. She learns of Johannes Kepler’s awareness of its regular symmetry 400 years ago. Just 100 years ago, it was discovered that X-ray diffraction could show the atomic structure of crystalline materials. Johanna learns how these discoveries led to enormous advances in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine, many of which were rewarded by Nobel Prizes. The celebration of these advances in this International Year of Crystallography 2014 inspire her to imagine what might yet be discovered … and how she could be part of that great adventure.

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I made the logotypes & image for  & WOMAN2020., a Brussels-based, global not-for-profit venture aiming to improve digital skills among girls through creative enterprise such as digital music & DJ-ing, digital design, video game programming, film-making, visual & audio production, and art!

Women2020 is a partnership supported by top-level Belgian and European public and private-sector organizations, whose mission is to promote women’s contribution to achieving the Europe 2020 vision of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.


Virgin Cola

Apart from being the  short term driver of Richard Branson for the day, I participated at the concept, shooting, design, videoproduction of the launching event of Virgin Cola at the Place the Brouckère.

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